The Academic Computing Technologies team maintains an easy to use, searchable knowledge base known as The Hive located at

The following links below are some short-cuts to articles within The Hive, as well as a collection of our older documentation available as PDFs.

Cisco VoIP Phone Phone Guides

Cisco quick reference guides  

Cisco 7941/7942 2 Button IP Phone

Cisco 7961/7962 6 Button IP Phone

Cisco 7911/7906 IP Phone

These online phone guides will help you learn to use the buttons, features, and services on your Cisco IP Phone.

Handouts from on-campus training classes

Cisco VoIP Basic User Guide

Cisco VoIP Multi-line IP Phones

Cisco VoIP Phones Programming and Using Speed Dials

Cisco Unity Voice Mail


SharePoint 2010

Parts of a Sharepoint site

VPN and Remote Desktop

Please see the remote work page for information about Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Desktop (RDP) information. 

FCNet Department Website

Expressions Web