611 Lab Schedule

The reservation schedule for the 611 lab is available as an Outlook Public Folder. To view the reservation schedule, or to request a reservation, please go to the 611 Lab Calendar. Please read the Lab Utilization Policies prior to reserving the lab. The 611 lab is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 611 lab reservations are made from within Outlook scheduling.

Please read the Acceptable Use Policy. If your students will be required to complete an assignment that might be interpreted to be in violation of these policies, please attach a description of the assignment so that we may accommodate your students.

To make an appointment, right-click on the calendar and select New Appointment. Choose the date, set the starting and ending time for when you want to reserve the lab. Put the name of the class in the subject line and your name in the location. Saving the appointment will submit it to ACT. It is the responsibility of the Instructor/Staff Member to verify that their reservation does not conflict with any other 611 reservations.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please email the Help Desk at ACTHelpDesk@fullcoll.edu.