FCNet Campus Organization Accounts

An FCNet account will be created for any campus organization by reaching out to ACT directly. Please allow two weeks for your account to be created. The staff member applying for the account will be responsible for the account, the allotted space and distribution of the password.

Staff members who would like to use the ACT labs to access their organization account will need to apply for a staff account. Students will need to establish a student account.


Once an account has been created, the username and password will be emailed to your Division office. User names generally follow the first initial last name convention. Use the assigned password for the initial login to the network. Then, please change your password immediately. The new password should be an alphanumeric word containing at least 6 characters with no spaces. Passwords expire every 180 days, and can be changed at any time in the SharePoint portal or from a campus computer.

Account Management

FCNet accounts can be managed through the SharePoint portal. New account holders should sign in to the portal, click on Account Profile, change the account password, and then follow the steps to set up your Security Questions. This will allow you to reset your password over the web should you need to do so.

It is important that you logout each time you are finished using the computer; otherwise, someone else may have access to your account.

To access your email from off campus through a browser, go to https://o365.fullcoll.edu

Account Deletion

Accounts will be deleted when requested by the Dean or Manager of the account managers’ department.

Data Storage

Organization accounts are allotted 500 megabytes of data storage and 500 megabytes of mail space on the server. Files should be saved under the home directory (H:). Files saved under any other directory will be purged regularly. Any files on the web drive (W:) can be accessed from the World Wide Web using the HTTP://STUDENTWWW.FULLCOLL.EDU/[LOGIN NAME] reference. Your default home page should be named INDEX.HTM.

Web sites that have not been updated for 12 months will be deleted.

Your Internet E-mail address is [LOGIN ID]@FULLCOLL.EDU. You are responsible for deleting your old E-mail and for keeping your E-mail within the allotted disk space limit. Prior to reaching your mailbox space limit you will recieve notification from the system. When you receive this notice, delete all unnecessary E-mail, empty your Sent and Deleted Items folders in Outlook, and save all mail attachments to your H: drive. If you exceed you mailbox space limitations you will be unable to receive mail. to access your E-mail from off campus though a browser, go to https://o365.fullcoll.edu. Log in using your FCNet login name and password.

Web Space

All FCNet account holders can request web space provided by the campus. Web space is intended for instruction, student outreach, and work related activities only. Before requesting web space, please make sure you have valid FCNet account credentials. Before requesting web space, please contact Jazmine Zuniga to see if the shared WordPress system maintained by Campus Communications will suit your needs.

If your department or organization has special needs that are not suitable for the shared WordPress system, please submit a Service Request to request a discussion on what other solutions are available to your department. Include a brief description of your goals and any special requirements that your web site will have. Those electing not to use the shared WordPress system will need to be familiar with web development including HTML/CSS, along with Microsoft Expression, Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver or similar web design software, including how to transfer web content via secure FTP using an application such as FileZilla.

Assistance for creating a web site including templates and graphics is available here. Academic Computing recommends the use of the shared WordPress system due to its ease of use, combined with Campus Communications handling WordPress core and plugin updates as needed. Staff Development provides additional assistance through regular training sessions on WordPress. If your department is considering utilizing a vendor to develop a web site for you, you must schedule a meeting with a member of our Development team prior to contracting with a company.